From Twitter to Threads?

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Iyke Uzoma

First of all I would like second all the above stated points, because from the moment threads blew up I really felt the “rush was too rushed”, if you get what I mean, my main concern was if Threads would be able to compete with Twitter’s globally active community and as you said active feedback, like Twitter makes it easy to like the News, catch up on things that you would have otherwise, missed, like what I mean is Twitter gets you caught up but Thread still has a weaving to do, if you get my drift, your article is very detailed and well thought-out

Threads already has a globally active community. It’s the sustenance we’re on the lookout for.
It seems to be doing well though.
Thanks for your contribution, Iyke.


I love and support this analysis. A number of people are not given to change, especially when they have built their name and home somewhere, moving away from such a place becomes an herculean task. On this note, I will submit that for now, Threads cannot ‘compete’ with Twitter against the noise out there. One of my reasons being that, the time that would be taken to learn on using the features of Threads would easily be used to go on exploring and engaging posts on Twitter, as such learning is usually boring.

There’s enough room for everyone to thrive but I agree with you that Twitter is here to stay.
Thank you, Jay.

Well said sis🔥

Thanks for engaging, Favour!

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From Twitter to Threads? – Wiflowmedia

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From Twitter to Threads? – Wiflowmedia

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